the Chief editor of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev was surprised obscene attacks in the address from Nikita Mikhalkov.

In an interview with “Газетой.Ru” Gusev said that long friends with Mikhalkov. He also added that he gave an interview with the Daily Storm, which gave rise to criticism from the Director.

“I just now heard about it. We Mikhalkov has long been familiar friends. It’s like some fake. I didn’t say anything about it. I’m about Mikhalkov generally refrain to speak. I Daily Storm did not give interviews. What is this? Not that I could tell. Never about the audience anyone ‘t say. Any audience is fine. I never evaluate the audience, these are not my words”, — said the chief editor of “MK”.

Earlier, Mikhalkov published on its YouTube channel the new issue of “Besogon”, where he stated that Gusev insulted his audience. As an example, he cited a quote from an interview Guseva edition Daily Storm. In it the journalist admitted to not watching Mikhalkov, because it “bydlyak calculated”.