the Number of divorces decreased by 70%. For comparison: in 2019 for the first three weeks of April there were more than 2.7 thousand registrations of divorce, this year – just over 810. In a press-service of the registry office of Moscow “RG” was told that the application for divorce, you can still apply via the portal or by appointment in the nearest Department. After a month the wife can come at the appointed time and obtain a certificate of divorce.

And yet, psychologists say, to talk about trends yet. About the real picture will be judged in late may – early June. “Will not all survive. Now, maybe someone from the Muscovites just don’t want to break the isolation and to once again go out, even if we are talking about divorce”, – commented the Vice-President of the Association of practical psychologists and coaches Armine Voronova. According to her, if the relationship of the two was not glued to the quarantine, and after it the tension will only increase.

for Example, in China after quarantine has dramatically increased the number of divorces – all in the Registrar’s office lasted for three weeks. It would seem that if the difficulties, why go? It’s simple: to quarantine the husband and wife lived together, but, in fact, separately – each was working at work, someone spent time for pursuits outside the home. Met only briefly before going to sleep. But in isolation, to see firsthand how they are strangers and that just does not fit together. Similar unpleasant surprises waiting for, even those whose marriage seemed happy.

But family boat Muscovites still can not break the virus. The fact that few citizens are suffering and experiencing a problem in itself, as is customary in China, Japan or Europe. “Residents of the capital the emotional and actively talk about family troubles in social networks. Comments they receive from strangers, in fact, the same psychotherapy that helps them cope with emotions,” – said the psychologist assistant Professor REU them. G. V. Plekhanov Inga Koryagina. What else to do, if couples are not even possible to slam the door and let off steam after a few laps around the house? To the psychologist the public to apply has not yet used, although the number of calls since the beginning of March the telephone emergency psychological assistance 051 rose nearly 12%, to 10 thousand cases. But it is for the 12-million metropolis? “The Cup can overflow by the end of the lockdown and that we will see more divorces.

To avoid this, the family need to adhere to simple rules. It is important to look at their home as strangers, whom we never disrespect. In case of conflict, it is better to get over himself and just go into another room. You can imagine members of your family as welcome guests. This is the same, what relatives come and visit for three days, and stayed for several months. They can fail because their company is pleasant,” said the psychologist. In addition, you can create a new family tradition, often look at the photos, arrange theme nights of different cuisines.

increased new cases of family disputes and a lawyer, head of legal consulting “lawyer” Dmitry Stepanov. Since the beginning of the month – only two treatment related to the division of property. “The conflict arose on the background of reduction of wages of one of the spouses, and colleagues have Affairs on the breakdown of relationships due to unpaid loans and the carve-up of mortgages. I think that divorces associated with these reasons, there will be more,” he says.

But is the reverse isolation. Those who dare now to submit a marriage application and sign it, it may be easier. They have already passed the test, they had time to think about it, and their feelings became stronger. Lovers don’t stop the hard mode and the inability to sign in a festive atmosphere. For example, during the may holidays, from 2 to 10 may, the capital has married more than 600 couples. They came to the registry office with no witnesses and photographers in compliance with all sanitary regulations in masks and gloves.

“the Couple, despite the lack of the festive atmosphere and the guests at this time, look enthusiastic and try to make memorable their wedding day. Some couples are broadcast live on social networks, some video conferencing with family and friends. The couple observe the safety precautions and come to the registry office in the creative masks that match the selected dress or costume” – said the press service of the registry office of Moscow.

in Just the first three months of the year signed about 14 thousand couples – 500 more than last year. And February was a record number of marriages over the last five years – this month signed more than 6 thousand pairs. Explanation: couples prefer a beautiful date for the main event in my life, and last February was rich in mirror date.

the Most popular for marriage enjoy the holidays – Valentine’s Day, February 14, the Day of family, love and fidelity, July 8, and Red hill. The day of Russia, incidentally, also remains a popular date for weddings. Last year 12 June, your marriage registered more than 70 pairs. The ceremony was held not only in a registry office, but also at the State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia.

As this year will pass the registration on this day, is still unknown. If the couple already filed for the next date, but due to limitations want to move the registration to a later date, they must complete the statement of transfer and send it on��Tu:

Call the round the clock telephone emergency psychological assistance 051 (from a landline) or +7(495)051 (mobile).

to Apply for a dissolution of marriage is still pretty easy, especially if the spouses have no common minor children. This can be done through the portal or by appointment in the nearest division Registrar. The application must attach the receipt of payment of the state duty for divorce. All that remains – a month later to appear in person at the appointed time and pick up a certificate of divorce.

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