Without masks and gloves will not be able to be in the workplace, in public transport, including trains and taxis, pharmacies, stores and any other retail outlets. In the capital’s main oversight Directorate said: to check compliance with the new requirements will be regularly. Citizens without masks and gloves will be fined in Moscow for appearing in public places for 4 thousand and 5 thousand – for appearing in public transport, in the suburbs the fine is the same everywhere – 4 thousand. Moreover, the presence of only the mask or gloves only will be treated as a violation. “The law can’t work partially, if the man in the mask, but no gloves or Vice versa, the penalty will still be” – says the head of the main oversight Directorate of Moscow Yevgeny Danchikov. And the first Deputy Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region Anna Krotova promised that passengers without means of individual protection in buses and trains to let at all will not be. However, the Governor Andrei Vorobyov promised that in the first days of violators will only be warned and only then will punish the ruble.

Many citizens have accepted the innovation is ambiguous. And then there’s wearing is not too convenient, itchy, can’t breathe… “But so far from the coronavirus there is no vaccine, the best alternative to masks and gloves, no, – said the Deputy Director on scientific work of the Central Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, Aleksandr Gorelov. – 60% of patients with mers have no symptoms. But they are carriers of the virus even in a normal conversation”. The scientist believes that the mask not only protects from airborne mode of transmission, but also from the contact. “Every person up to 350 times a day, involuntarily touches his face. Imagine: I went to the Elevator, where shortly before coughing sick person. Pressed the button, then scratched his nose… If I’m in the mask, it will help not to get” – says Gorelov.

Okay, where can I get a mask? More recently, they were not in any pharmacy. Now, according to the authorities, problems with masks not. Only in the suburbs under their production converted to 14 companies. They work in three shifts daily and producing over 620 thousand items of individual protection. Masks you can buy, for example, at the entrance to chain stores. “We plan to strictly enforce the Ordinance mask mode, – says the Executive Director of GC “Dixie” Igor Pletnev. – No masks will not start”. By the way, the cost of the disposable mask in different networks varies from 30 to 40 rubles. But, say, in the “Auchan” has found a way to mask even the most avaricious of shoppers. “Those who are not willing to spend money on a mask, we can produce it ourselves”, – says Director of corporate communications, “Auchan Russia Retail” Natalia RychKova. According to her, anyone in the store will be given a gauze, scissors and a stapler.

there was mask and pharmacies. “We signed a contract for the supply of one million masks. In stock and a one-time cost from 15 to 29 rubles, and reusable for 87 rubles”, – says the Deputy Director of the network of public pharmacies suburbs Mosoblmedservis Angela Gelatina. This network has its own rules for buying masks. “Before, they very quickly ended, so we imposed a limit – no more than 20 masks in hand,” continues Gelatina. This pharmacy chain, announced a campaign to area residents older than 65 years. Starting from may 15 they will be able to purchase personal protective equipment at a discounted price of 11 rubles, you need only show a social security card.

Mask can be bought even in public transport. At all metro stations have put vending machines with antivirus set mask for 30 rubles and gloves for 20. And for those who use the services of a social service the subway center mobility passengers, masks and gloves will be issued free of charge. The center works with disabled passengers – pensioners, invalids, mothers with strollers, this category of passengers do not always have the opportunity to acquire the means of individual protection in between.

may 12, antivirus kits started selling and in the suburban buses. The only way to pay for them can only be “Arrow” or a contactless Bank card, because the cash payment in transportation for the duration of the pandemic is prohibited.