Today, July 15, marks the unofficial Day of the leopard in the Caucasus. On this day four years ago was significant for the conservation of biological diversity of the North Caucasus region event: after almost half a century of absence in the wilderness was released three individuals of the Persian leopard born in the heart of the recovery of the leopard in the Caucasus.

In the Sochi national Park are launching an awareness-event marathon “Friends of the Persian leopard”, which will last two months. Marathon partner – hockey club “Sochi” – has prepared a series of competitions. Visitors will enjoy interactive games platforms, games with prizes and gifts.

As already wrote “RG”, this year on the eve of leopards in the family happened replenishment – July 4, has a pair of male and female Zadig Anrei born kitten. The gender of the kitten will be known only after two months. Therefore, the marathon opens with a contest to choose a nickname for the young leopard, which will last to the very definition of his sex.

In Caucasian biosphere reserve today, the Art-residence. The concert will take place at 20.00 on the open stage of the cordon Laura in the Sochi settlement the Red glade under a starry sky around the campfire.

– the Art, be it music or painting, has always helped to draw attention to the beauty of nature or problems, – said the Director of Caucasus nature reserve Sergey Shevelev. We hope that through our Art residence will be wider and brighter to tell about the nature of the Caucasus, to bring to reserve the attention of both local residents and guests from Russia and other countries.

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In 2008 on the initiative of the President Ministry of natural resources has accepted the Program of restoration (reintroduction) the Persian leopard in the Caucasus. In 2012, the Program received international recognition, and the center with a pair of leopards from Lisbon zoo. In the summer of 2013 the couple from the zoo and their wild “brothers” were born at the two kittens Victoria, Fisht, Thunder, Akhun. From 2013 to 2020 in the centre was born 20 kittens.

In July 2016 after careful preparation and selection in the wild was released three beasts. It happened on the southern branch of the range Airhart in the Eastern Department of the Caucasian reserve. In 2018, three more predator “released”: two in the national Park “Alania” and in the Caucasian reserve.