Over the past three years, the region confidently demonstrates the dynamics of growth, in 2017 the Samara region was in the ranking only 65th place. Systematic work on creation of attractive conditions for doing business and attracting investors started in the field from the first day of work of Dmitry Azarov for the post of the head region.

the Results of the National Rating of investment climate in subjects of the Russian Federation in 2020 were developed based on estimates of experts on key factors affecting implementation and development of investment projects. Criteria such as the average time of registration of property rights, the amount of the requested additional documents from the enterprises in the year and evaluation of the activities of the authorities in the cadastral registration, the Samara region has shown one of the best indicators in the country. Also, the region has maintained its leadership position in performance evaluation of mechanisms of public-private partnership (PPP), efficiency of the Regional Council on improvement of investment climate and of the Internet portal about the investment activities.

the government’s Effective work allowed the region to move to a higher group on average time of obtaining a building permit, the evaluation of the authorities on registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with them, as well as licensing certain types of activities. The region has improved its performance on the average time of connecting to the grid and the average number of procedures when connecting.

Improved the share of roads that meet regulatory requirements and the time of cadastral registration. The share of guarantees of regional guarantee organizations from the tax income of the region and efficiency information portal for support and development of small business has also improved in the gradation of the rating of ASI.

In recent years, we have done extensive work to improve conditions for doing business in the region, and these efforts are bearing fruit. We understand what issues concern business, and systematically working to solve them, – said Dmitry Azarov.

Evaluation of Investment climate of regions, which on behalf of the President holds a strategic initiatives Agency is one of the key rating classifications of the regions on organization of conditions for investors. Samara oblast is the third year shows one of the best speaker in the country, year after year, improving its position. The results is always preceded by the big work on improvement of the investment climate. Today for investors the necessary infrastructure created.

Acting state industrial Park “Preobrazhenka” and “Chapaevsk”, the residents of which are 15 companies investingShih more than eight billion of investments and created more than 4,000 jobs, as well as private industrial parks. Established industrial Park within the boundaries of the Special economic zone “Togliatti”, where now is conducted active work on the construction of industrial buildings under investors.

In the region there are two areas of advancing socio-economic development in Tolyatti and tchapaevsk. There are created the most simple and attractive rules for obtaining resident status of TOSER. In addition, in April the territory of the Special economic zone “Togliatti” is included within the boundaries of the city of Togliatti, which means that residents of the SEZ are provided with additional unique benefits available to investors of single-industry towns.

the Technopark in sphere of high technologies “Zhigulevskaya valley” has entered in top-3 national ranking technoparks in terms of “Highest level of efficiency of functioning of Technopark”.

in addition, in recent years, Samara oblast has a strong lead in the ranking of the subjects with the most developed system of state-private partnership, becoming the absolute leader at the end of 2019. The construction of key infrastructure such as roads, utilities, bridge over the Volga river near the village of Klimovka, which will be part of a transport and logistic corridor “Europe – Western China”. This massive object will not only improve transport accessibility within the province, but will have a serious impact on the export potential of the entire PFO. It is important to note that the new international transport artery of the country will be held in the vicinity of the SEZ and ADZ “Togliatti” and will lead to improved economic logistics: via these sites will be the new traffic flows.

In accordance with the legislative innovations in the Samara region defined by the legal status of participant in a regional investment project, introduced the investment tax deduction and also decided to subsidize interest rates on loans to investors for investment purposes. The current system of tax incentives in the Samara region allows the investor to save or to reimburse up to 40% invested in the project funds.

the Specified dimensions total investment and expanded the categories of initiators of investment projects for inclusion in the list of strategic investment projects of the Samara region. For example, to include the investment project in the sphere of agriculture companies, it is sufficient to submit an investment project with a total investment of 150 million rubles. In investment projects in single-industry towns of Samara region, the attachment should be 30 million rubles.

If the initiator of the project is the investment Memorandum or the investment project provive��Xia strategic status, he is entitled to receive land plots in state or municipal property, without tender lease.

With investors in the “single window” communicates a special organization, established by the regional government and the Agency on investment attraction of the Samara region. All projects are followed from the idea stage to provide assistance after the start of production.

Dmitry Bogdanov, Minister of economic development and investment Samara region:

– the Region in the last period, made a record spurt that characterizes the overall investment climate and comfort entrepreneurs conducting activity in the Samara region. All the structures of the regional government involved in the creation of a favourable investment climate. We bring to bear best international practices, attract foreign and large national companies, great attention is paid to the regulatory mechanisms and building of direct interaction with investors. Of course, we have to go. Our absolute priority is the development of investment attractiveness of the region, because in terms of its investment potential of the Samara region is one of the best regions!