Staff of the Caucasian reserve have reported the disappearance of a whole lake in Sochi, reports “Sochi Express.”

We are talking about the Small lake located on the Eastern slope of the ridge Left Pseashkho. According to experts, the pond turned into a mud-stone mass and now the kind of place to which I had often come tourists.

Engineers and geologists came to the conclusion that “large snow mass drove the water from the lake and contributed to the formation of ways of filtering runoff water towards the river Urushten”.

“We do not see anything unnatural, this is the natural course of natural processes”, — assured the Deputy Director on scientific work of the Caucasus nature reserve Nikolai Eskin.

To conduct a full survey of the area and to identify new routes filtration of meltwater to the lake headed a scientific expedition.

Earlier in June, it was reported that lake Baikal is rapidly beginning to lose transparency and to thicken due to the mass extinction of sponges that filter the water in it. According to experts, if ten years ago this phenomenon was recorded in some areas, at the present time, it has already become widespread.