police in San Francisco were moved to quarantine in hotels with all amenities of about 270 homeless persons with positive tests for coronavirus infection. This writes the New York Post.

in Addition to a roof over your head and food, 43 “guests” with dependencies decided to distribute alcohol, marijuana and tobacco. A representative of the city Department of health Jenna lane explained that this was done in order to keep them from temptations to escape. In this way the authorities planned to reduce the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

Specifies that funds for this expenditure allocated to city taxpayers ‘ money to be committed.

the U.S. Government is not the first year trying to solve the problem of homeless people, creating for these purposes, a variety of social projects. A month ago they have taken new measures for the unloading of social housing and control the growing number of homeless, proposing developers to resettle the poor in unsold apartments. Developers who agree to such cooperation, will benefit from state tax incentives. The program is designed for families with low income who have no home.

Homeless population is most susceptible to viruses, and the conditions in which they are located, contribute to the rapid spread COVID-19.