the Invocatory commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation will begin work after may 12. Sending of recruits to places of service will begin after may 20. This is stated in the next newsletter about the epidemiological situation in the Armed forces.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the military stockpiles of medical masks, 2 million pieces and 1.5 million contactless thermometers, 12 tons of disinfectants and 270 thousand test systems.

Each recruit at the Assembly point is sure to be tested for the presence of coronavirus infection. Test time – no more than 15 minutes.

the Ministry of defense reported the number of people infected with coronavirus in the Armed forces on 7 may. 1540 military personnel identified with a positive test result for coronavirus. They pass treatment in hospitals (376 people); detention facilities at the place of service (612 people) civil hospitals (14). Isolated at home – 538.

four patients are in serious condition, in average condition – 9 people; the rest without symptoms. Recovered – 221 people.

Among the cadets and students of military academies identified 1205 infected with the coronavirus. They are undergoing treatment. The health status of soldiers are normal, no symptomatic manifestations. Recovered – 272 people.

In the Suvorov and Nakhimov schools and cadet identified 195 positive. The status of all of the pupils normal, without any symptoms. Upon completion of medical supervision and the necessary quarantine and treatment, they will be sent to the vacation vacation. Recovered – 113 people.

in addition reported 373 cases of civilian personnel of the Armed forces.