the Authorities claim that the home school has coped with the enforced transition to teaching in distance mode in the 4th quarter of last school year. However, it is just words. But in the beginning of the next school year, as it became clear at the first meeting of the new Public Council under the Ministry of education July 15, at the Russian schools will pass the extensive quality control of assimilation of knowledge during this period. And schools with “low scores”, as promised in the Department, will be given a lot of support, including staffing. This task will have to decide a new project “500+”.

the Main objective of the audits, as emphasized in the Ministry – not repression, but “the students and schools to close the identified gaps in knowledge that have arisen in connection with the transfer to home schooling”. Here is the project “500+” as assured members of the Public Council of the new Deputy Minister of education, Ekaterina Tolstikova, “aimed at targeted support of the schools, which have questions on quality of training”.

Such questions, I suppose, have accumulated a lot as a newborn project, as reported by Tolstikova, was among the seven main priorities of the Ministry in the near future along with the presidential amendments to the return to school of education. And the fact that today we know about this project, suggests that in some sense “repression” will still be. At least — against the managers and Directors, under whose guidance the children have not received proper knowledge.

the Main slogan of the project “500+” – “every student”. While 500 indicates the number of schools that it should cover in the foreseeable future, which gives a General idea of the magnitude of the problem. (Currently in Russia there are only about 40 thousand schools, and, therefore, outsiders are about 1.5% of secondary schools, which is a lot).

However, the first phase of the project will affect 250 schools in more than 20 regions of the country. Their example will be the final running of remedial. However, the main algorithm of actions is already known: “To help the regions in the framework of the project will form a methodology targeted support for these schools on personnel and substantive issues, including the formation of new human resources. In the state schools should receive the leaders with great managerial experience, as well as the Methodists, and highly qualified teachers-coaches.”

Thus, the “old” leaders and methodologists with mentors, you can begin to slowly start packing. The other option to “create new human resources,” just no.

Notably different: “To empower educational programs and training to work in these schools will also be attracted by the senior students of teacher training institutions witha good study of educational areas of training, and schools themselves will have the opportunity of networking with the best schools in the region”. This suggests that “successful” students, if not replaced immediately, then just begin to breathe in the back of some of the teachers. So what changes, though on a smaller scale compared to the management of schools, will be held in the teacher’s case.

the Aim of this work is the achievement of functional literacy in each school, with which, as shown by recent international studies, in our country in recent years had problems. It is hoped that the new forces brought to school, will help to solve them.