The number of calls about domestic violence in the period of epidemic of coronavirus in Russia increased 2.5 times. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova.

She referred to a number of NGOs and said that in March, such a message was 6054, and in April received more than 13 thousand complaints. The Ombudsman lamented the fact that the hotline in the office of the Commissioner received single calls. She suggested that it may be associated with the fear of victims to be subjected to violence from seeking help. “We are monitoring the media on this topic, and the picture is not optimistic enough,” said she.

Moskalkova noted that the issue of domestic violence during the isolation has increased in many countries. For example, in France the number of appeals from victims of abuse by spouses and themselves acts of aggression have increased by almost a third, and in China in the quarter.

On 29 April it became known that the average size of the fine in Russia, for the domestic violence amounted to 5398 rubles. In 2019 with domestic tyrants sought almost 522,7 million rubles.

The bill on prevention of domestic violence was developed in 2019. The document proposes in particular to put the aggressors on preventive care. Supporters of the draft law found in it a few bugs — for example, they don’t like the phrase “to promote reconciliation”. Opponents of the law, including 180 public associations consider it “anti-family” in October they published an open letter to the President with a demand to reject the law.