In Veliky Novgorod, the Kremlin found the ruins of the ancient temple of XII century. Its Foundation is preserved in excellent condition. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the Institute of archeology.

In 1167-1173 years on the site of the temple was the Church of Boris and Gleb. She was built at the expense of a rich merchant Sotko of Sytinich — perhaps he was the prototype for the legendary Sadko. In the XVII century the temple became dilapidated and collapsed.

Scientists have suggested that the height of this Church was about 40 meters. Initially, there was arable land, and in the XI century people first settled.

the Temple stood on the so-called continuous footings is chain bonded with a solution of boulders that laid in dug small ditches. Archaeologists have noted the high quality of masonry and mortar, although its structure is standard, without any original supplements, like eggs or honey.