Running is needed to see how the routes fit normal healthy people are not athletes and hence, can be used EN masse.

Routes are drawn up, based on the availability of attractions and convenient access routes.

– When I went to Switzerland, I saw that the main routes are near roads with low traffic, – said Anton, who last year overcame a bike 6 800 kilometers from Ufa to Lisbon. In our case, the key points linked to train stations for convenience. Selected roads of national and local importance with the traffic not more than 1000 vehicles per day, driving on them can be comfortable and safe places are located not less frequently than every 50 miles, on the way there are cafes, shops, veloservice and so on.

It is the complete solution for cyclists who want to get acquainted with Bashkiria. There are many. Anton says that not a day goes by that he did not receive any calls from enthusiasts who want together with him to run routes. At the beginning of summer here eager cyclists from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but they were stopped by the pandemic. However, they do not lose hope, going to join the project in August.

the Dream of Anton Sazonov – to make Bashkortostan a Mecca for tourists, preferring active rest.

– the more I travel, the more I am convinced that our Republic is the ideal place for active recreation – Hiking, boating, caving, Cycling. Have all the resources, suitable climate, topography, mountains, rivers, natural, and historical sites. Is our strength in tourism. There is something to see and in rural areas. More and more farmers, whose farm has not only the usual farm animals but also exotic, deer, ostriches. On one route, you can see a lot of interesting things.

So, one of the most popular – “the Mining Ural” passes through historical sites associated with the emergence in our field of industry. Also people are attracted to the beautiful nature of the Ural mountains and, last but not least, transport convenience.

On another route – “Orenburgskiy trakt” – farer you meet the typical landscapes of the Western Urals, as well as the unique Bashkir Shikhany, White lake and the ruins of mountain plants in old settlements Verkhotor and resurrection. By the way, in the resurrection that can remember Pugachev, except the ruins of the smelter, there’s an art gallery – a branch of Nesterovskaya of the Museum. It was founded in 1970 as the people’s gallery at the initiative of famous Russian artists, former students of the Moscow special schools of art, evacuated to the village of Voskresenskoe in the years of the great Patriotic war.

If you want to get to the real medvii angle, it is necessary to choose the route “Ufa plateau”, where you can see the biggest spring Russia Krasnyy Klyuch, lake Sarva, spring Kipun, dam of Pavlovsk hydroelectric power station, the monastery “Holy bushes”, and at the same time – the result of karst phenomena.

Command VeloRussia rode 1000 miles through the most beautiful places of Bashkortostan. Over running on the site Muradin – Kuvandyk on the South of Bashkortostan.

– Journey across Bashkiria has shown that, possessing great natural, historical and cultural wealth, we have not yet learned proper promotion of what they have. Don’t know how to promote the Republic abroad, “spin” yourself to attract tourists and to run properly with those who have already arrived. It is necessary to teach those involved in the hospitality industry, to provide services at a high level. Until the quality of service we are far behind, – says Anton.

After all 13 routes will run, have to go further and formally adopt them, to give an official status, as it was in Soviet times, when tourists traveled to the all-Union routes.

– Now that status is necessary in order to have a legal basis for improvement – installation of navigation, organization of places of rest, shelter. With this and begins to develop the tourist business, – said Anton. – Start work on the improvement possible with one or several of the most attractive cycle routes. For example, the former Beloretskiy narrow, especially in the South Ural reserve already has plans to establish environmental pathways.

the same approach – development and approval – you must apply to the water routes. Then we will see where some infrastructure is required. Active tourism should not be perceived as a sport, but as part of a healthy lifestyle

the Bike is comfortable to carry in spitzkoppe, which is located in the staff car of any train. It is easier and more comfortable than to issue them as Luggage and take the car.

3.7 million roubles financing of the project.