The Ministry of natural resources of the Omsk region reported that water samples from the river discovered the om content of oil, began an administrative investigation, told reporters on Saturday in a press-service of the government of Omsk region.

The message about oily spots on the river Omi appeared in the community "Emergency Omsk" Vkontakt. The Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Omsk region reported that information about the appearance of oily spots received 26 June at 20:20.

As noted in the Ministry, the message is transferred to the Omsk regional Department of the Rosprirodnadzor Department for SFO which is engaged in protection of the rivers om and Irtysh rivers as objects of Federal oversight.

"…experts, together with experts tslati went to the scene to survey the waters of the Omi. Was carried out sampling of water at three points downstream of the Oktyabrsky bridge (Omsk). The results of laboratory analysis of samples, presumably, establishes the content of oil products is possible, waste oil", – told reporters the Ministry of natural resources of the Omsk region.

The Ministry added that on 27 June the waters of the river om re-examined, but no trace of contamination was found. Began an administrative investigation under part 4 of article 8.13 of the administrative code (violation of requirements for protection of water objects which can entail their pollution).