Central design Bureau "Baltsudoproekt" developed an engineering design of the icebreaker, which can work on two types of fuel – diesel and gas. The power of the ship will be 13 MW.

According to media reports, the new transportation project has received a number 23620.The draft of the icebreaker was made by the order of Rosmorport.

Today in the world there is only one active icebreaker on natural gas. We are talking about the ship Polaris in Finland.

The uniqueness of the Russian project is that the ship will become the first Russian icebreaker to the main power plant on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the world’s first LNG icebreaker with dynamic positioning system class 2 (DYNPOS-2).

Its length exceeds 95 meters and the width will be 22.5 meters. The speed will reach up to 16 knots. The icebreaker is designed for a crew of 22 people.

New vehicles will be treated to ice class Icebreaker7.