specialists of the Novosibirsk state technical University (NSTU) has developed a device that can be used to create new heavy-duty and heat-resistant materials. As told in the press service of the University, its characteristics they resemble diamonds, and get them to be with explosives.

an Explosive will be placed in the housing of cylindrical shape with the source material. As the primary explosive composition you plan to use RDX or HMX. Using the detonator will be made to undermine, therefore, the original material will be given unique properties.

– Now, diamond-like materials are grown under pressure, – said the head of the Department of gas-dynamic impulse devices, NSTU Anatoly Guskov. – Know also that the treatment of blast chamber soot scraped from the walls and produce the microparticles with specific properties. It is very difficult to say which composition can occur under these extreme conditions. This has not been done. This is what should set the experiments.

the Products of the explosion will be studied to understand in what area they can be used. In the experiments, the researchers intend to use additional materials that can give a “source”, new quality. But first scientists need to find investments for the experiments and confirm the effectiveness of the technology.