associate Director on Bank ratings “Expert RA” Vyacheslav Putilovsky explained how to determine the reliability of the Bank and understand if he does not threaten bankruptcy. According to the expert, to get a General idea of financial institutions can even a layman.

the Putilov said the Agency “Prime” that one of the serious signs of deterioration in the financial position of the Bank is its low credit rating. If he has a rating below ruBB and his suddenly lowered further, it should alert the client.

Too aggressive advertising and high interest rates should also raise suspicion of the potential investor. Sometimes banks use this tactic to mask hidden problems or subsequent withdrawal, the economist noted. The newspaper reminds that the average interest rate for deposits is 5,51% per annum in first ten Russian banks.

Another alarm bell is the large number of negative user reviews on websites-aggregators, as well as critical articles in the media. The expert said that a powerful information attack can reduce the solvency of even a fairly stable Bank.

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