the Occasion of admiring cherry blossoms or “Hanami” for the first time in the capital will be held online. This was told “RG” the press service Mospeada.

specialists have said, Sakura blossomed in Biruliovsky arboretum. “We have prepared online walk through blooming “Grove of Sakura”, the videos posted on our pages in social networks,” – said the press service.

In Mospeada reminded that this area of Japan appeared in 2010 thanks to the efforts of the Japanese patron of Yutaka Miyanishi who gave a few dozen seedlings of cherry Palmetto, which grows in the North of Japan on Hokkaido island. He Miyanishi of Yutaka said, “Sakura lives much longer, than people will thank and remember, because our good deeds live longer than us.”

After the trees have adapted in the arboretum, Mospeada began to conduct annual “Hanami”.

by the Way, the tradition of admiring the cherry blossoms and ume, like many Japanese traditions, originated at the Imperial court in the third century of our era. Nationwide, the tradition was later, when the Emperor ordered to plant Cherry blossom everywhere as the national symbol.