In the city district of Ruza in the Moscow region because of the rains raised the water level in the river Gorodenka, causing the dam burst. Declared a state of emergency. On Thursday, July 9, according to the publication “Vedomosti” with reference to EMERCOM in the region.

Suffered 29 29 household plots with private houses. Two homes demolished streams. The maximum level of water within the flooded plots was 15 cm.

“All of our agencies, emergency services and utilities, road builders are now engaged in the situation in the Ruza district of the city. Fortunately, the danger to the lives of the people there, gave the command as soon as possible to restore the dam and the road. Everyone who was evacuated, whose homes suffered, will provide maximum assistance”, — quotes the Governor of the region Andrey Vorobyov, the TV channel “360”.

According to the MOE, the main cause of the accident began work on laying the bypass channel. An artificial mound has washed away, causing the water got into the residential sector.

It is noted that now the threat of further flooding no, none of locals didn’t suffer. Evacuated 52 people, including seven children. Set up a headquarters on liquidation of consequences of flooding.