Music streaming service Spotify will be in Russia for July 15 — this is reported by foreign media with reference to sources. It is known that the company tried several times to enter the Russian market, but the launch kept getting pushed back. Some users believe that this situation will be repeated now.

Music service Spotify will launch in Russia on July 15, after a year and a half after entering the Indian market, reports Variety with reference to sources. If that happens, Russia will be 80 country to submit to the Swedish company.

Spotify was founded in 2006 in Stockholm by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. According to the portal Business of Apps, as of the first quarter of 2020 audience Spotify has 286 million monthly active users, 130 million of which are premium subscription. The share of Spotify accounts for about 36% of the global streaming market. The service provides access to more than 50 million music tracks.

Two weeks ago, the stock has reached its historical maximum — $267,48. Market capitalization Spotify in may this year was estimated at $26.9 billion

During a meeting with investors in the first quarter of 2020 Daniel ESC asked the question of when Spotify will come to Russia and South Korea, which is also not covered by the company.

“We talked about Russia and South Korea as markets where we want to be, and everything remains in force… Although we have nothing to add at this stage, you should know that those two markets, which focused our attention, and all the [financial] indicators that we presented, include launches in new markets, whether South Korea, Russia or another country,” said co-founder Spotify.

According to Variety, a partner of Spotify in Russia are the mobile operator MTS. “Газета.Ru” appealed to the press service of the company, but they refused to comment on the launch of the service in the country.

He also Spotify does not comment on plans to enter the Russian market.

Earlier it was reported that in December 2019 Spotify took office in the WeWork coworking. At the moment the General Director of the company “Spotify” is Ilya Alexeev, who previously held the position of sales Director of Facebook in Russia.

Spotify have a long history of relations with Russia — a representative of the company appeared in the country in 2014, but since the launch of the service was constantly postponed. This led to the fact that the launch of Spotify in Russia turned into a meme, meaning something impossible.

In addition, you can find a Twitter account that publishes the sad news associated with the launch of Spotify in Russia.

This spring, Forbes reported that a subscription to Spotify in Russia will amount to 169 rubles. per month, but this information remains unconfirmed.

At the moment in Russia there are several competing streaming musically��different services, including “Yandex.Music”, Apple Music, VK (Boom). Despite the fact that Spotify is not formally represented in Russia, some Russians use it for a long time — to do this, they register accounts via VPN as citizens of another country.