Sobyanin made the strengthening of quarantine measures for the capital’s motorists

Against the backdrop of increasing number of infected coronavirus infection in Moscow can reduce the results of the digital passes, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, this can happen if there is a need to reduce the number of people on the streets, reports RIA Novosti.

Named approximate date of the easing of restrictions in Moscow

Sobyanin said that currently in the hands of the authorities is “the tool fine-tuning” of the situation – the digital pass. In the case that the situation in the city will cause the need to reduce the number of people facing the street, officials would cut the number of permits issued.

“If we see any threat, of course, never will doubt, we will come up with a proposal to toughen these measures,” – said Sobyanin.

The mayor noted that in any situation the main thing – health.

Currently, as reported by “the Rambler”, in Moscow, a digital access system for people travelling on transport. Residents and guests of the city not issue a special permit to ride a personal car via SMS, face a fine in the amount of 5 thousand rubles.