MOSCOW, may 2 — RIA Novosti. China deliberately concealed or destroyed evidence of the outbreak of coronavirus, reports the Australian Daily Telegraph newspaper, citing a 15-page dossier prepared by Western intelligence agencies.

According to the document, the intelligence of the Union “Five eyes” (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK), China, “endangering others”, hid any news of the coronavirus causing taking doctors to silence or “disappear”. Also in the file it says that China destroyed evidence of coronavirus in the laboratory and refused to provide biomaterials scientists developing the vaccine.

it is Noted that China in early December, there was evidence of transmission of coronavirus from person to person, however, “denied it to 20 January.” According to the report, who also denied the information, despite concerns that were expressed by the Taiwan authorities other 31 Dec. The dossier also States that on 3 January the national Committee of health of China ordered the destruction of samples of coronavirus and not to publish information associated with an unknown disease.

it is Reported that the dossier appears as the group of scientists under the leadership of Shi Jinli from Wuhan Institute of Virology. According to Western intelligence agencies, it is the group of Shi Jinli found samples of coronavirus in a cave in Yunnan province, which was observed striking genetic similarity with COVID-19. Also were detected research groups in synthesis of coronavirus, derived from the bats and not curable.

it is Noted that when the researcher learned about the outbreak of coronavirus, she couldn’t sleep due fears that the outbreak started in her lab, but later calmed down, because, in her words, the genome of the coronavirus is not the same as with those viruses, which she studied.

In turn, the Fox News channel reported, citing a senior U.S. official said that the report in General is according to American intelligence.

“Although American intelligence does not confirm the existence of the 15-page document, a senior official told Fox that the reports about this document are consistent with the (data) of American intelligence that China knew about the transmission (of the virus) from person to person before stated that he knew that it was a new coronavirus, earlier than stated, and that the virus was spread wider than China reported to the international community in the first weeks of the outbreak”, the article says Fox News.

however, the authors noted that the intelligence services of allies have some differences. In particular, Australia considers that the virus appeared on the market, according to Chinese authorities, and the American razvedyvatel��e community, which consists of 17 departments, has not yet decided on this and still are not inclined in favor of this theory. About 70-75% of those departments believe that the virus originated in the laboratory in Wuhan, and the rest is not OK with this, because “I do not see smoke that there’s fire”.

the US President Donald trump said earlier that the U.S. side considers the version that the new coronavirus emerged in the laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and intends to establish its origin. The us President warned China of the consequences if it turns out that Beijing deliberately allowed the flash COVID-19. Earlier, the Chinese foreign Ministry said that China from the beginning followed an open and responsible position regarding the publication of data about the epidemic coronavirus infection.

the US President also said that Washington stops funding who, according to him, did not provide information about coronavirus in a timely manner and not brought the truth to the world. Criticism of three who came amid the difficult situation of the pandemic in the United States, which came in first place both in number of diseases and number of deaths, and accusations against the President that it’s too late introduced needed to combat the pandemic measures.