In Kronstadt was opened the Museum and historical Park “Island FORTS”. Its creators claim that it is Russia’s first Park dedicated to the Navy.

As reported on the website of the project, the Park can be interesting and useful to relax as the inhabitants of Kronstadt, and guests of the city. “Island FORTS” is of the subject site, with information on over three centuries of naval history and leisure areas.

the Main semantic space was the Alley of heroes of the Russian Navy. For over 150 meters it is told about outstanding military seamen and related pages of naval history.

On another memorial site – the Lighthouse of memory – bore the names and titles of 200 heroes of the Navy of Russia in the Petrine era to the present day.

the lighthouse is surrounded by a Garden of memory that recalls the heroism of the health workers who died in the war. It planted willow trees, Apple trees and pines.

the Park also has a panoramic swing, which can simultaneously accommodate 24 people, a rope Park, a Playground in a marine style, zone for walking and quiet recreation.

For children was opened year-round sports training tent “Camp real heroes”. He will be able to take 160 children at once.

As reported TASS, in the opening ceremony of the Park was attended by commander of the Navy of the Russian Federation Nikolay Evmenov.

“the Center of concentration of naval history both historically and logically, is Kronstadt, – said the commander. Is the first step to the revival of history for not only the younger generation but we all remembered, how went the Russian Navy”.

entrance to the “Island FORTS” will be free.

the Project of the tourism cluster in Kronstadt also provides for the creation of the world’s largest Navy Museum, aquarium, diving center, Marina for yachts and other objects.