the New building of the Republican clinical infectious diseases hospital named after A. F. Agafonov (rcib), which will treat patients with COVID-19 and other dangerous diseases, designed for 232nd place. But in emergency mode it will be possible to deploy 504 beds.

If not for the sign, it would be quite possible to take the rest home. These balconies form a single corridor, is not in any medical institution of the Republic of Tatarstan. But they don’t for the sake of beauty. After the second, third and fourth floors are special units designed for patients with dangerous infections. And balcony door, in fact, is the entrance to the concrete box, including space for sanitation and directly the hospital room. This design decision allows to ensure the separation of patients with different diseases. And this is the main requirement for infectious hospitals.

the new building rcib are also receiving diagnostic and Department of anesthesiology and intensive care units for preparation of infant formula and disinfection of waste. Is in the part of medical facilities and a modern laboratory building.

According to participating in the opening ceremony of the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, this building rcib became 22-m object, which is introduced in Russia in a very short time. New specialized hospital “will allow us to accept patients with various infections and “thereby relieve the other medical organizations and provide planning assistance others.”

– it is Important that these medical facilities are mostly equipped with modern equipment and personal protection, today produced at Russian enterprises, – said the Minister.

the Kazan hospital is no exception. Of 1.8 billion rubles allocated from the budget of Tatarstan for the construction of a new building RKIB, the fourth part of the money was spent on equipment. Here is everything you need for the diagnosis and treatment of infections, including СOVID-19: CT scanner, x-ray, endoscopic and ultrasound equipment and medical ventilators.

Today the demand for this hospital in Tatarstan is very high, – said President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. – Although fortunately severe cases COVID-19 getting smaller and smaller, the coronavirus has not gone anywhere. I hope that the problem will be solved. And the new complex will expand opportunities for the specialists to solve this ambitious task.