Employees of FSB have detained criminal group, which supplied migrants with fake documents about a legal stay in the Moscow region. About it “” has informed a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to him, has eight people that are gang leaders and active participants. The fake documents made by members of the group, and enjoyed traveling to the middle East to participate in combat operations as members of terrorist groups and those who are on the Federal wanted list for committing grave and especially grave crimes.

the Detainees are citizens of Central Asian republics. The security services raided 12 addresses, there are three clandestine laboratories for the production of counterfeit documents and forms. One of them was in the shopping center “Flea fair”, located on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt in Moscow. On 1 August there was a conflict between the police and migrants. Video was published by the REN TV channel.

the footage shows a crowd of migrants surrounds a police car and pulls out his compatriot, who was detained by the security forces.