In Kaliningrad started the renovation of the Central fountain at the zoo, the press service of the city hall. The structure, built in 30-ies of the last century, is an architectural monument of regional significance and the large round fountain in the city.

the diameter of the old cement bowl is 28 meters. And the height of water jets (before the construction broke) reached 13 meters. As specified in the Kaliningrad zoo, the fountain capitally repaired in 1973 and in 1996. But in 2018, the engines burned completely.

money for the next overhaul, 16.5 million rubles, the zoo won on the cross-border cooperation programme “Lithuania – Russia 2014-2020”. The work will last five months. After the fountain has to look the same as he looked 30 years.

in Addition to the reconstruction directly in the bowl, end-of the resource, contractors will replace all pumping equipment. The maximum height of the jets is 10 meters. It will vary depending on the wind, to prevent water flooded the area around the fountain.