Health-improving complex “Chernomorets” located in Anapa – the picturesque town, which is a Federal children’s resort. Here rests annually about 350 thousand children from all over Russia and other countries. The popularity of this health resort is quite justified: the mild subtropical climate, great number of Sunny days, sandy beaches, clean sea water with proven effectiveness in the fight against respiratory diseases.

“Chernomorets” located on Pioneer Avenue, the first line. Relax in the camp the children not only in the summer this facility year-round. Besides, the warm season in Anapa lasts seven months a year: from may to November.

In conditions of the increased interest of Russians to domestic tourism Anapa, like many other Russian resorts, could get new impetus for development. Industry experts are betting on increased demand for Russian resorts in the coming years, calling to appreciate the potential of recreation in Russia.

infrastructure “Chernomorets” includes 24 buildings and a land area of over eight hectares. The camp is a six bedroom buildings with rooms that can accommodate four to eight people. Nearby there is a shower, the building of a medical clinic, dining hall, administrative buildings, hotels, as well as Laundry, fridge, warehouses and even a greenhouse.

For public events and celebrations in the camp there is a large club which can simultaneously accommodate up to 400 people. Provided the necessary infrastructure for sport activities: football field, basketball and volleyball courts. The camp has its own sandy beach with dunes.

Applications from candidates will be accepted until the third of August. The Ministry of economic development of the Samara region, as authorized by the Agency, ready to provide the participants with all necessary information and consulting support. With the winning company will be signed the concession agreement on the rehabilitation and maintenance of land and property complex.

under the agreement, the concessionaire is required to invest in this facility not less than 700 million rubles for the first ten years. The volume of investments in the first three years of the term of the concession may not be less than 539 million rubles. Fully transformed, “Chernomorets” have three years after the registration of the lease of land for the camp, and on the organization of the first tourists to the investor is given no more than six months from the date of signing of the document on the completion of the reconstruction.

the Regional government is planning to annually purchase 300-600 permits to camp at a fixed price which will be established for this period.

In a shift, which lasts 21 days, updated camp has acceptedat approximately 850 people.

For more information about the conditions of the concession can apply to the Agency on investment attraction of the Samara region, which works as a “single window” for business.