it preserved stone buildings, a bridge, a cemetery and a Church.

Tuscan town Fabbriche di Careggine the XII century not only can “rise” from the bottom of the lake, but to be inhabited again, CNN reports.

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the Medieval town was sunk in 1946 during the construction of the hydroelectric plant. He disappeared under 34 million cubic meters of lake water wailly. The local population moved to the commune of wailly-sotto nearby.

Ghost Town appeared under water four times — in 1958, 1974, 1983 and 1994, when lowered water storage to repair the dam. In Fabbriche di Careggine preserved stone buildings, a bridge, cemetery and Church, San Teodoro.

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Local politicians have long advocated for the draining of the lake. Even in 2015, Mario Puglia, former mayor of wailly-sotto, called “lift” of the city and to establish tourism to create jobs.

For 2021 is scheduled and the descent of the reservoir. Activists and politicians hope to use this opportunity to bring back to life a medieval town which can bring huge benefits to the local budget and attract many tourists.

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Energy company Enel, which controls an artificial lake, told CNN that at the moment, created a formal working group to discuss this question.

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