49 patients COVID Moscow hospital in Kommunarka is located in the Department of resuscitation and intensive therapy, including 25 people connected to devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs. Such data are cited by the chief doctor of the institution Denis Protsenko.

According to the infographic, which he published in Facebook, only the treatment consists of 335 patients. Of them, 65% confirmed a coronavirus. Among patients of resuscitation and intensive therapy of 67% over the age of 60 years, 6% aged 18 to 40 years and 27% aged 41 to 60 years. 59% of hospital patients are in serious condition, with 7% in the heaviest.

For the last day in Moscow has revealed 5392 new cases of coronavirus. Only in the capital to date, recorded 121 301 patient COVID-19.

Earlier wrote that Russia beat Spain and took second place in the world in the number of officially confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection. According to 11 of may in Russia revealed 232 243 patients COVID-19. In the Kingdom the number of people infected is 227 436.