Planes in the sky in Victory Day in Ufa depicted the symbols of the Russian flag, not the French, change the order of the color bands was not accidental, told RIA Novosti press-service of the head of Bashkiria.

Earlier Habirov has published on their pages in social networks photos and videos from holiday events in Ufa, devoted to the Victory Day, including flying the three planes over the city. One picture of the three aircraft depicted, the tricolor of the French flag, the head of the region was removed.

screenshot TG-channel Readovka

"the Airplanes did not fly with the flag of Russia, and with the symbols of the flag of Russia, so the sky was a cross-dissolve, where they are mixed in a different order. It’s not a mistake or an accident, the aircraft during aerobatics changed places" RIA Novosti, the press service of the leadership of Bashkortostan.