Anna Sedokova got into nature, taking advantage of good weather.

She posted online photos of the sun and reflect on that life continues, the quarantine will end someday and everything will be fine.

“In 20 plus and we went for a walk with the dog. Near the house the river and the forest. I undressed, lay down on the grass ( land) and so good to me became. Knowing that even a little bit,and it will all end. That summer is coming, you can post pictures in bathing suits and drinking rose wine on your favorite beaches with your favorite friends .
Once again we’ll be dancing on the tables and do silly things, record funny songs, to give concerts and ( Oh, Gods ) probably to earn. Someone knows when will open the border? What do you think?” she asked subscribers.

The followers are not particularly optimistic. Perhaps because they do not lie in the sun on the river Bank.

“We in Italy yet soon we’ll dance on the tables. Tomorrow’s release of the house that is happiness”, “Drive you, Anna, to the beaches and everything else) God grant that by October less public place open to the public”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Anna Sedokova during the live broadcast on the social network with a psychologist Nike Nabokova admitted that long struggled with the straight a student syndrome and the entire life adjusted to their men.

Publish from ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) 3 May 2020 5:13 PDT