The epidemic of coronavirus in Russia has slowed down recently, probably within the month worth waiting for the transition to a new stage. This forecast was made chief epidemiologist Ministry of health of Russia, academician of the RAS Nikolai Briko, reports “Interfax”.

“Perhaps there is a stabilization of morbidity with the subsequent start of its decline in June,” he said and added that last month the growth rate in the number of new infections has decreased from 27 to 6.9 percent.

However, I noticed Briko, the phase of reverse development of the epidemic, as a rule, longer than the growth phase of disease. He pointed out that in countries which have stopped the growth in the number of patients, for example, in China, is still mandatory isolation for the elderly and citizens are asked to keep their distance.

“the completion of the cycle of the epidemic process can only speak when the proportion of new diseases is less than one percent,” the specialist explained and urged not to expect that the restrictions will disappear quickly.

Previously, scientists innovation laboratories Singapore University of technology and design called the new end date of the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia. According to the calculations, it can be 12 Aug. According to Sunday, may 3, in Russia recorded more than 134 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, 1280 deaths and 16.6 thousands of cases of recovery.