Former member and ex-Director of show “the Ural pelmeni” Sergey Nitievskiy no regrets about retiring from the popular comic project. According to him, it is much more interesting to engage in new projects, which previously did not have the time.

Showman said that at some point any man of his profession ceases to manage the business and, on the contrary, it appears to be subordinate to him. And then you have to spend all the time and health to the detriment of other aspects of life.

Fame and money isn’t a measure of happiness. So now more and more happy that I made the right choice leaving the show — was quoted Natascha

The actor added that now he in life other priorities. First and foremost, it’s family, health, and self improvement. Through this it is possible to live “not out of obligation or fear but out of love.” This is an artist called main for anyone.

Sergey Nitievskiy was the Director of the show “Ural dumplings” from 2009 to 2015. At that time, the project founded by members of the eponymous team of KVN, was transformed into a television programme and became very popular in Russia.

After a creative break the showman with former colleagues there are constant litigation associated with intellectual property rights and struggle for money. Participants of “Ural dumplings” claim that Nitievskiy at the time tried to “assign once”, and the current Director of the show Evgeny Orlov has accused predecessor in assigning about 250 million rubles, which he allegedly did not share with other artists of the show.

Has financial claims and the ex-leader. Earlier, as he wrote he said that in the Arbitration court of Moscow will soon begin trial on two claims of copyright infringement by 9 million and 56 million rubles. A separate claim Nitievskiy will try to recover from Orlov 68 million, which he, in his words, brought from one of his companies.

In 2020, the team using the court banned Neieskau to use the brand “Ural dumplings”.