Survivors coronavirus Muscovite told how to cancel the erroneous fines for “violating isolation”

According to radio station “Moscow speaking” a local resident, she had to file two complaints in the district court and direct complaints to the main oversight Directorate.

The Agency revoked the penalty after nearly two months, before the start of the trials in these cases.

“Notification of fines from the portal I came in the mail on may 18, two fines, each for four thousand rubles. I was accused that I allegedly twice took a selfie in the application of “Social monitoring” that did that failed. A registered letter with copies of decisions on administrative violations I received in the mail at the end of may, and immediately sent two complaints to the Gagarinskiy district court. At the place of residence of the applicant such cases are dealt with. Time stopped, I was to pay nothing as long as the complaint was in court pending. If the court left the complaint without satisfaction, would have had to pay. If I hadn’t sent the complaint to the court within 10 days after receipt of copies of resolutions, on the expiry of 60 days, the fines, if I have not paid the penalty doubled. But I had to challenge”.

The woman said that you never left the apartment during treatment and regularly sent a selfie to the app “Social monitoring”. She repeatedly complained to the hot line technical support on application crashes, but it still has imposed penalties.

The data of Muscovites in the badging system will be removed after the courts for penalties. This was announced by the government of Moscow Alexey Ameryk. He noted that the deletion of data the authorities plan to organize in the public mode. According to him, similar data will be erased residents of the capital in the application of “Social monitoring”.

“While there are court cases, we can’t do: residents sued either for the system itself digital permits, or for prescribing penalties,” — said the official.