The Japanese gaming console Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) there were pages in German and Australian versions of the store of the American giant Amazon.

Sony Corporation, which has not yet named the price of new gaming consoles, previously said that the gadget will be released towards the end of the fall 2020.

The market for game consoles has long been waiting for a new gaming platform PlayStation 5.

Are known parameters of filling boxes, as well as the design, but the cost of the device and its precise release date on market still kept secret.

However, on the website of the German division of Amazon has already appeared on page PS5, and the day before, July 13, this page was launched on Amazon in Australia.

Representatives of the world’s largest online store on these pages describe all the features of consoles, and accessories. While the date is still not specified.

On the Australian Amazon now gamers can see the data on your controller, Dualsense, and the charging unit for a pair of controllers, headsets and other devices necessary to the console.