a vaccine Reaction from COVID-19 can be strong and dangerous to human health. About it on radio Sputnik said the doctor of medical Sciences, head of laboratory, vaccine Institute of vaccines and sera. I. I. Mechnikova of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences Mikhail Kostinov.

According to the scientist, easy reaction to the vaccine – a rise in body temperature to 37.5 degrees, and the normal average is higher by one degree. But if the temperature is above 38.6 degrees is already a strong reaction, and for any drug of a severe reaction should be minimal.

One in a thousand or even a hundred thousand, – explained Mikhail Kostinov.

At the same time at the injection site of injection may be red with a diameter of not more than eight inches, and it better be five or six inches. The doctor also noted that the temperature of the reaction should not last more than two days.