The son of a famous announcer of the Soviet television Svetlana Morgunova Maxim died at home from coronavirus infection due to the short-sightedness of doctors, said “Komsomolskaya Pravda” girlfriend TV presenter Larisa Kulikova.

According to her, the doctors sent the man to a group home, not after ascertaining the severity of his disease.

Maxim Morgunov was 52 years. The last time he worked in the press service of the Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”. In may, one of his colleagues contracted the coronavirus. Soon his feet felt unwell and went to the doctors.

Contrary to popular rumors, the man didn’t self-medicating, said friend of the family of Larisa Kulikova. According to her, after undergoing CT scan and diagnosis Morgunov prescribed treatment at home, despite the fact that at that time he already had affected 28% of the lungs.

“Underestimated the danger” – said Kulikov.

She added that in the last days of life the son of a movie star was out of breath. Kulikov was the last person who talked to Morgunov.

“He just had time to pick up lunch left me at the door and write me mercy, as always… And then we stayed up all night trying to get to the apartment… And everything. Shock,” said a friend of the family.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the actress Raisa Ryazanov told how her son died. According to her, 51-year-old actor Danila Perov abruptly felt cold, and then wheezed. Arrived on-call doctors of “ambulance” verified death of the man. Later it became known that the actor died from a torn blood clot.