The health worker needs to use different protection kits consisting of medical or respiratory masks, protective gloves, goggles or protective screen and a medical gown or waterproof overalls. These requirements are contained in graph memo on the use of medical PPE placed on the website of the Ministry of health of Russia.

According to the memo, set the first level of protection is provided for the medical staff assisting the patients infected COVID-19, and includes a cap, a medical mask, protective gown and gloves.

Set the second level is for staff who work directly with infected mers patients outside hospital. It consists of: medical mask, cap, gloves, high boots, protective goggles, protective overalls, and protective medical gown.

Set the third level of protection is provided for physicians working in hospitals with sick COVID-19. They were instructed to use, in addition to the protection of the second level protective screen for the face (for intensive care).

In addition, the memo spelled out the procedure for donning and removing personal protective equipment. It is emphasized that after the removal of each element of protection you need is required to treat the hands with an alcohol antiseptic.

The chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Elena Malinnikova, the words of which are given on the Agency’s website, security of medical personnel is largely dependent on strict adherence to biological safety requirements in terms of the spread of coronavirus and in particular the execution of the algorithm on and, particularly, withdrawal of protection.

World health organization March 11 announced flash COVID-19 pandemic. In Russia, for the day revealed 8 894 people with coronavirus — country total 326 448 infected. According oberstab, the daily growth decreased to 2.8 percent.