trips of Russians abroad did not stop in April, when the border was almost completely closed. For example, Turkey was visited by more than 900 citizens of Russia in Indonesia — 128, and Taiwan one.

In April 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, hundreds of Russians traveled abroad, according to available foreign statistics, which has studied RBC.

March 27 Russia stopped international flights: was banned all flights abroad, in addition to evacuation flights in which citizens were taken home, and private flights on behalf of the government. From March 30 closed land and river borders. To go abroad could only separate categories of citizens: diplomats, employees of official representatives of Russia to international organizations, the residents of the Kaliningrad region, as well as those who are sent to the funeral of a close relative. The ban was partially eased in June: now Russians can travel abroad to sick relatives, for work, for study or treatment.

this month, according to the National tourist organization Korea, there have been 1223 Russians (for comparison: in April 2019 — 34.2 thousand). More than 1 thousand of them were members of marine crews. All have been in Korea Russians 128 declared when crossing the border, arrived as a tourist, four business, one official, the remaining 1090 the purpose of the trip is classified as other.

In Turkey in April visited 922 Russians, data from the Turkish Ministry of culture and tourism. The purpose of the visits is not specified. In April 2019, the flow from Russia amounted to 391,6 thousand.

In Bulgaria, according to the National statistical Institute of the Republic in April 2020 drove 635 citizens of Russia vs. 6.4 thousand a year earlier. Most of the purpose of travel is neither tourist nor a utility or a business.

In Serbia in April 2020 came 190 the Russians (previous year — 4.8 thousand) in the United States — 136 (previous year 24.9 per thousand), in Indonesia — 129 (previous year 13.9 thousand) in Finland — 122 Russians (the previous year’s 22.4 million). But the Finnish statistics only take into account those who crossed the border, and those staying in local hotels or any other accommodation facilities. The same statistics give Switzerland and Austria – respectively 108 and not more than 100 Russians in April 2020 9.7 and 25.6 thousand thousand.

the Border Hong Kong was crossed by eight of our compatriots (April 2019 — 14.6 thousand), Singapore — seven (in April of last year to 6.1 thousand), the Taiwan, according to local tourism Bureau arrived just one Russian (previous year — 1.3 million people).

the arrival of the Russians has not fixed Spain, Sri Lanka and Cyprus.

In terms of the closure of RossAI and suspended flights to leave Russia could a person with dual citizenship or those who have a residence permit in another country, explained the General Director of the service for booking tickets “VIP Service” Dmitry Gorin. To fly, the Russians were able evacuation flights ever business jets says Gorin. Russians with dual citizenship fall under the criteria for evacuation flights, agree Executive Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev. He also notes that something number of passengers were carried in April, one-off flights on business jets: this could be including physicians and accompanying medical goods.

On the flight business jets after the introduction of the Federal air transport Agency of the ban on flights scheduled and Charter flights was reported by the Russian service Bi-bi-si. In April, the flights from Moscow airports flew mainly in Milan, nice and London.