Also the weather can be found on the rainbow.

Orthodox Christians on June 10 to honor the memory of St. Eutyches, and St. Nikita (Chalcedon). In Russia Nikita is considered the patron Saint of geese, and therefore this day was called Nikita-a goose house to avoid.

to determine the weather for the coming days and the coming autumn, our ancestors followed closely by nature.

for Example, if in the sky long rainbow, there will be bad weather, and if the rainbow disappeared quickly — it will be clear. If June 10, the rain, the autumn will be with minimal rainfall.

Weather in the near future can be identified and with the help of insects. If the anthill many ants and wasps in this day, especially active — is worth waiting for clear and warm weather. But if lizards crawl out to bask in the sun — it will rain with wind.

Catherine Gura

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