a Huge fish caught by fisherman from the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, took him back to the bottom of the lake. This was reported on the website of the State service for emergency situations.

According to the Agency, the message about the drowning of a fisherman in the pond near the village of Horbok did the day August 3rd. As eyewitnesses told, the man was fishing alone. “The hook caught a big fish that dragged a fisherman into the water. He lost his balance and drowned, because the water depth in this location was four meters,” — said the rescuers.

For carrying out search works on a scene there arrived the staff of Khust diving-saving office abnormally-saving group of a special purpose. Divers combed the bottom and two hours later found the body of a drowned man.

In late July, the Indian fishermen accidentally caught a huge fish weighing 800 pounds. Stingray caught by local residents when they went to sea in the early morning. When the big fish pulled ashore, to look at it, a crowd of onlookers. On the same day, a record haul were auctioned. The fishermen were able to rescue him 50 thousand rupees (about 50 rubles).