According to the world health organization (who), the world today was mild forms COVID-19 – 80 percent of patients, the average – 15 per cent of patients and severe in 5 percent of patients. Diagnosis is not always possible. How does a man understand that he COVID-19? What are the symptoms of the disease, besides well-known, you need to immediately pay attention to?

Important factors that you should pay attention to is the presence of contact with a sick person, staying active without protective equipment in places where are more likely to have cases (clinics, hospitals, social facilities), contact with recently arrived from abroad, the presence of the sick in nearby homes, explained “the Russian newspaper” Advisor to the Director on scientific work of Institute of Epidemiology, Viktor Maleyev.

the Expert also recalled that even with a slight malaise and slight fever is not to delay and immediately consult the doctors. Speaking about the main characteristic symptoms of the new coronavirus is a sharp increase in body temperature and lack of smell and touch.

“more Often and harder sick people who had more prolonged contact with sick, non-compliant activities on the protection and disinfection, as well as with chronic diseases of the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, suffering from obesity, impaired immunity, and even at a young age and in a belated appeal for medical help,” said the male.