the Son of Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko Alexander in Instagram turned to a former player of the national team of Russia Andrei Arshavin.

Plushenko, Jr. did not like a joke Arshavin that parents force him to participate in the filming of the video for social networks. “Why do you say bad things about me? Me under duress are not forced to do. Why do you say that I should always smile? What am I, a fool of some kind?” — said the footballer he is.

Alexander said that will easily beat the player on the field. “Because you’re weak. In order to beat you, I only have one tackle to make. Here’s a sliding tackle will do, the ball will take from you and into the goal to score”, he said.

on 3 may, the journal Star Hit posted the material, which referred to mental illness Plushenko Jr. The boy’s father called information libel and promised to punish those responsible.

Alexander Plushenko figure skaters and regularly performs in the ice show. He earns 12 million rubles a year.