a New label – “Leave be!” – appeared in the clouds above the Kolyvan district of Novosibirsk and was immediately recorded by the web tracking service Flightradar24 aircraft.

– first of all I dedicated this inscription to my son, the officer, who serves on Kamchatka, – have told “RG” Oleg Kobzev. Today he was supposed to fly to our vacation. But because of the pandemic, the trip had to be postponed. I decided therefore to support him and other people who were forced to abandon their travel plans. This difficult period will pass.

Earlier Kobzev wrote in the sky the phrase “where is everybody?” on the advice of a friend, to cheer located on the isolation of Novosibirsk.

– For me it was technically unusual task. Thought that the flight will be a test, write two or three letters. But the first time everything turned out the offer, – says Oleg.

Experimental flight was carried out on light aircraft Harmony LSA. To write the entire phrase the pilot took a little over an hour. Its area was about 175 square kilometers and an approximate height – about 5 kilometers.

Novosibirets admits that he wrote the first phrase solely in order to hone their skills of aircraft control. But after the web tracking service of aircraft posted a screenshot of the map flights, Oleg woke up famous.

Now I write and call from across the country, says Kobzev. – Please pass the message to their friends, loved ones, country, physicians…

According to 53-year-old Kobzeva, about the aircraft he had dreamed of since childhood. Wanted to train to be a pilot after high school, but did not work, talked family. And the dream remained.

– to Climb into the sky at the controls of the plane I could already at Mature age, – says Oleg. Ever since flying for over 10 years and always wanted to do in the air for anything unusual. It turns out that now I have fulfilled another dream.