She was one of Germany’s big tennis stars. Together with Steffi Graf (53), Claudia Kohde-Kilsch (49) won Olympic bronze in doubles in 1988. She earned 1.5 million euros in prize money alone. A small fortune – but nothing was left of it. Kohde-Kilsch had to file for personal bankruptcy. A heavy blow for the 49-year-old, but now in the past: now the former world-class tennis player has her finances and her life under control again.

The case of Boris Becker (54), however, brought back old memories, as Claudia Kohde-Kilsch told the “Spiegel”. “I’ve always followed his career, but this crash took me by surprise.”

In the beginning, Boris was a role model for her. “I suspect Boris had the wrong friends and the wrong advisors. People who wanted to enrich themselves with him. He really didn’t have to take care of much himself. That must have shaped him too,” says Kohde-Kilsch.

She has no sympathy for his prison sentence. “He did something that the law didn’t allow him to do. Now he has been punished and has to go through with it. But I found it sad to have to watch everything. I felt nauseous when the verdict was announced.”

She really hopes that he is mentally okay and that he has people around him who will help him change his life. “You could also say he needs real friends. It’s going to be difficult alone,” says Kohde-Kilsch.

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