It was a great love, that’s for sure. Jörg Pilawa and his wife Irina repeatedly affirmed how infatuated they were with each other. Eleven years after their marriage in May 2006 in the Congo (a tribal chief married them according to an African rite), Jörg Pilawa enthused in a BUNTE interview in 2017: “I find my wife mega-erotic.” to wake up to others and love each other for what the other can do.” His first two marriages faded behind the “intimacy and depth” that Jörg Pilawa felt with Irina. In 2020 he raved on Bavarian Radio: “I have a hammer woman.”

He went through life with her for 23 years, 16 of them married. Together they took care of their children Nova, Juri and Emmy. The relationship also remained close to his son Finn from his marriage to Kerstin Pilawa. Nevertheless, both of them remained extremely committed to their jobs – Jörg Pilawa moderates 220 programs a year at times, his wife founded a Montessori school in Hamburg, she also teaches at the Luisengymnasium in Hamburg and has headed the Institute for Future Research together with her father, the educational scientist Horst Opaschowski, since 2014. As a family, they repeatedly spent time off on their island in Canada, far away from TV and social media. Actually a perfect family – but anyone who listened closely to Jörg Pilawa on the WDR talk show “Kölner Treff” at the beginning of April could already guess that some things are currently changing in his life. He complained of empty nest syndrome. His children are fledged: son Finn works as a project manager at a real estate company, daughter Emmy is starting out as an actress, son Juri is just finishing high school. “Nobody told me that they would leave someday. Really bad. I suffer.”

During the pandemic, he increasingly had the feeling that “something has to come up again,” he explained, referring to his professional change to Sat.1. But private dissatisfaction could also have crept in during this time. As BUNTE learned from his environment, there has been a crisis between the Pilawas for two years. However, he only moved out of the villa in Hamburg-Bergedorf a few weeks ago and wants to continue to take care of his ten-year-old daughter Nova, who has been suffering from rheumatism since she was two years old. When BUNTE met Jörg Pilawa at a broadcaster event in Hamburg last week, he was in a great mood. He is doing very well, according to the popular moderator of the BUNTE reporter. His new in-house station Sat.1 presented the upcoming program highlights that day. Pilawa appeared relaxed, casual and fit. He wore a dark blue bomber jacket with blue jeans. Meanwhile, his cell phone rang and he rushed out to answer it. Unusual because it was about him and his TV colleagues. In the evening at the industry meeting in “Henriks”, he chatted animatedly, but quickly disappeared. No one with whom BUNTE spoke that evening had the slightest idea that he would announce his marriage a few days later. Perhaps the knowledge that the cat would soon be out of the bag made him so relaxed.

They were married for sixteen years, now the marriage came to an end: Irina and Jörg Pilawa went their separate ways.

They were a couple for 20 years, 16 of them married. Now Jörg Pilawa and his wife Irina are going their separate ways.

Jörg Pilawa and his wife Irina have separated after 16 years of marriage. The TV presenter also finds distraction in his new hobby.

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