BBC podcaster Deborah James has battled colon cancer for years. Then, two weeks ago, she shared the sad news with her followers that treatment had stopped and she was preparing for death. To do this, she went to her parents’ house, among other things, to protect her two children, Eloise and Hugo, from seeing them in the “darkest moments”.

While Deborah James is savoring every moment she has left, she also knows her days are numbered: Updating her condition, she told The Sun, also available at “The The truth is, I don’t know how long I have left.” That’s why she’s afraid of getting tired: “I’m afraid to sleep.”

The knowledge that she only had a short time to live apparently also gave her bear powers. Deborah James has accomplished an incredible number of things in the past few days. Her foundation “Bowelbabe” for better research into the disease has so far been able to collect over six million pounds, the equivalent of around seven million euros. Queen Elizabeth II had already awarded her the title of “lady” for this commitment. Prince William visited her at her parents’ house and presented her with the medal. He is also personally committed to her foundation, as shown a few days ago by his visit to the clinic where Deborah James was treated.

In addition, a rose was named after “Dame Deborah James”.

At the moment, the 40-year-old feels “exhausted” according to her own statements, but death is still far away for her: “I don’t feel like I’m on my deathbed,” she emphasized, adding: “I don’t plan to, soon dying, but it’s just so unpredictable.” Because she’s afraid to fall asleep, she’s always so tired.

“It’s ironic, I’ve spent the last five years talking about bowel movements and breaking the ‘poop’ taboo,” she said. And right now her stomach would give her problems.

Ever since she prepared to die, her family hasn’t left her side. “What I’ve seen from you in the past two weeks is true love, deep love. It’s overwhelming. They were all amazing,” she summarizes her deep affection and admiration for her. “I know they’re under a lot of pressure right now, I can’t do anything without their help,” Deborah James continued.

Deborah James is given a special honor: a variety of roses is named after the presenter, who is suffering from cancer. One of the aims is to raise money for cancer research in the UK.

There was tea and champagne: Deborah James was happy about a visit from Prince William. He didn’t come empty-handed.

The fate of BBC podcaster Deborah James, who is suffering from cancer, and her courage have also deeply impressed the Queen. She gives the journalist the aristocratic title of “lady”.

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