The famous Russian sports journalist and blogger Vasily Utkin commented on the words of the head coach groznenskogo "Ahmad" Igor Shalimov on the "whining" the Russians, whom he called "parasites".

"Igor Shalimov called parasites. Actually it doesn’t even matter who, enough of that themselves. The coach of the team from last place in the championship. With the last one. And he calls a parasite on someone else. Not me. Coach of the outsider of the championship of Russia with a salary of nearly half a million dollars a year. Trained on the last place for a half-lemon green (plus-minus), and the parasite is someone else. To clean last. Alone. It is a success. The success of Igor Shalimov’s definitely giving the right to call others parasites" – written by Utkin in his Telegram channel.

Earlier, 51-year-old is called "aching" citizens demanding the state financial support shumoizolyatsiya.

Igor Shalimov headed "Ahmad" in September 2019, succeeding Rashid Rakhimov. After 22 rounds of the Grozny club occupies the last place in the standings of the Russian Premier League (RPL), with 20 points.