Viruses and spores of microorganisms can melt along with glaciers, explained bioekolog Lydia Belyaeva.

Global warming and active human intervention in nature may lead to the emergence of previously unknown viruses. This was stated by bioekolog, master of ecology and nature management, expert movements ECA Lydia Belyaeva.

She recalled that global warming leads to melting of glaciers.

“Along with them can thaw out viruses and spores of microorganisms, formed many years ago. And it is not known whether the human body to resist them” – said Belyaev in an interview with “Izvestia”.

He also added that people increasingly “embedded in nature” and contact with wild animals, adopting them from unknown viruses.

Experts warn about the weakening of the human immune system due to the deteriorating environmental situation. According to the allergist-immunologist Olga Pashchenko, water pollution and soil waste of human activity leads to ingestion of toxic substances. The consequence is the increased risk of allergic and autoimmune reactions, vulnerability to viruses and pathogens.