Hard to imagine, but Larisa Guzeeva was once a heavy smoker and was fond of alcohol, and once even went on stage drunk. His act, it tarnished the reputation of the entire company.

An unexpected confession TV presenter has made during the broadcast of the program “let’s get married!” on the First channel. In the Studio there was a bride who loved to lay by the collar and not ashamed to admit it. To save her daughter, who was probably suffering from the lowering mother Guzeeva decided to lay himself and become the girls for example.

“One time I played the show very drunk. And I think, “Let me fall”. And I fell and rolled, and it felt so good, and I kind of gag has become… And I see some tension but think to myself: “I am a genius at play”! And I have something there wringing his hands, thought I was Sarah Bernhardt. We do not see in this state! I tore the play,” said the leader.

Saved her from falling into the vicious abyss son George. She overheard the comment of the offspring, not intended for her ears. He said, “She drinks and smokes, and teaches me”! After these words Guzeeva immediately put out her cigarette and stopped to abuse alcohol forever.