Anastasia Zavorotnyuk not been seen in public for almost a year. In September 2020, it became known that she is in the hospital. The actress, as it turned out, is struggling with a serious illness — cancer of the brain. Her husband Peter Chernyshev at first even refused performances in ice shows, but then continued to work. He often visits his wife, and raising a one year old daughter Mila. Came from USA and the eldest daughter of the actress Anna, and son, Michael, interrupted his studies at American University, learning about the mother’s illness.

Family Zavorotnyuk prefers to remain silent. They don’t make official statements. Anna only recently became re-active account on Instagram, where sometimes tells not only about themselves but also the health of the mother.

According to the latest reports, Anastasia went to the amendment. And on July 13, his birthday is celebrating her only son. Michael rarely publishes their photos, but this day he made an exception. The young man has posted a photo in which appeared with a short haircut.

“There should be a meaningful text filled with deep meaning and self-reflection”, — he wrote.

Michael has also published a celebratory smiley face on a black background. Fans noted that the heir to the stars series “My fair nanny” has grown up. Many noted that it is similar to the mother. One of the first to congratulate the sister. Anna placed the archival photo with the birthday boy.

“Happy birthday, bro. Love you,” — she wrote in English.

Fans also congratulated Michael on the 20th anniversary. Many believe that the son Zavorotnyuk will succeed in life. Recall that he had problems in school. The teacher took a dislike to the boy and turned against him the war. But in the US he was no problem. Anna noted that their brother bonding.